Forklift Course

This program is BPPE approved for all campuses, however this training is offered at the West Sacramento campus as Continuing Education training with secondary educational objectives as a subset or supplementary training of the ACCSC approved Class A Commercial Driver Program.

 The place to obtain certification and safety training on industrial forklift equipment.

Our forklift certification program qualifies you to safely operate a forklift per OSHA standards.

You’ll learn the principles, theory and regulations of forklift operation which cover equipment requirements, warnings, precautions, and hazards.

  • Class size is limited to eight students
  • Classroom is two hours and field training is two hours
  • Hands-on learning of:
    • Controls and instrumentation
    • Power plant inspection
    • Operation and maintenance
    • Steering and maneuvering techniques
    • Visibility limitations
    • Refueling
    • Load manipulation (stacking and un-stacking)
    • Equipment capacity
    • Stability and operation in narrow aisles and restricted areas

You’ll receive a Forklift Certification valid for three years, after being evaluated by a trained certification instructor and passing a written exam.

Need recertification?

We have you covered with a quick Forklift Re-Certification program as well.

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